Did you suffer Concussion / Head Injuries while playing sport?
We want to help you and provide an opportunity for you to obtain Medical Support and Adequate Compensation.
For too long this health issue has been ignored. Concussion is emerging as a major health issue affecting the lives of many former athletes and those who have played professional sport.
If you suffered concussion/head injury while playing sport – AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, Basketball or other professional sports – we want to ensure you have access to proper medical support and are compensated for the affect this may have on your life – now or in the future.
Register your details and we will contact you with the opportunity to both Medical Testing and Compensation through class action.

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Concussion Matters
Who is Concussion Matters?
Concussion is emerging as a major health issue affecting the lives of many people in the community. While awareness continues to grow, there is an urgent need for greater understanding of the complex issue of concussion injuries.
Concussion Matters is searching for answers, using all the medical and scientific talents available, firstly to help the community understand to be able to make informed decisions on protecting the brain and then to develop rehabilitation programs to support the community.
Concussion Matters will contact everyone who registers and will arrange to test those most at risk using multi-modality analysis using objective and validated neurological testing methods.
In addition to diagnosing potential medical issues, Concussion Matters will seek to develop a Class Action to compensate those people who have been affected.
What is Concussion?
Concussion is a type of brain injury that changes normal working functions such as memory, attention or balance. It can be caused by a direct blow to the head or body that indirectly causes the head to move quickly in any direction.


Concussion Matters
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